When we started this company, more than thirty years ago, we had a vision to provide training and consulting services specifically for small and medium sized businesses in the industrial sector. I’m pleased to say that over the years we have guided hundreds of companies both large and small as they have improved their quality management systems and operations.

Part of our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectation, helping them to increase productivity and service quality while keeping an eye on costs and employee health and safety. Industrial Training Service Inc. is a management systems training company providing world-class consulting services for the ISO series of standards, the automotive industry’s TS 16949 standard, and many health and safety training programs.

We feel that our quality of service is second to none. We offer industrial skills training and health and safety courses to keep your employees knowledgeable, productive, and on the job. Being attuned to changing needs, Industrial Training Service Inc. understands that being ‘good’ is not enough these days in a global economy. That is why our programs are based on the best-in-class international standards and philosophy. We want to help you raise your operation to those standards of excellence, at a fair and reasonable price, and with a level of satisfaction that lets you know you’ve made the right choice by partnering with Industrial Training Service.

Sincerely, Paul Hartmann, President

Our Mission

Industrial Training Service Inc.'s mission is to exceed customer expectations and meet their goals through a team of competent, informed quality professionals, committed to excellence and operating within the AS, ISO and IATF 16949 standards.

Customer confidentiality is a major concern for Industrial Training Service Inc. and we provide our customers with a legally binding Confidentiality Agreement.

At Industrial Training Service, we understand the demanding challenge for increased product and service quality, combined with the need to increase productivity and efficiency. Our approach ensures that a long-term solution is developed and will always be current and relevant to your needs.