Industrial Training Service provides a wide range of Training Programs.

For optimal learning, all our training sessions are held as seminars and workshops. Using a variety of media such as videos, handouts and hands-on experience, our training sessions are interactive and engaging.

Farm Equipment Safety

  • All training takes place on site
  • Follow up on training after three months
Specific Training
Tractor Training
Bobcat Training
Farm Electric Training
Farm Safety Training
Farm Young Worker Training
Farm Equipment Safety Training

Fire Prevention

  • Rick assessment
  • Fire prevention plan design
  • All training takes place on site
Specific Training
Fire Evacuation Training
Fire Plan Preparation Training
Laser Fire Extinguisher Training
Fire Hose Training
Fire Warden & Fire Marshal Training

Fleet Inspections

  • Installation of C-TPAT System including procedure writing, training, and system audit.
  • Tractor and trailer monthly inspection
  • Drivers log book inspection
  • Drivers in cap safety equipment verification
  • Operator and Driver Manual
Specific Training
Truck Inspection Training
Pre-Use Inspection Training
Technician Training

Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

We'll train your employees how to comply with OHSA section 25, 27, 28 and 43.

Health & Safety Program as required by OHSA:

  • Section 8, 9, 26 of OHSA Regulation
  • Section 25, 27, 28 of OHSA Regulation
  • Annual Training Requirements for Supervisors and Workers

Specific Training Regulation
New Changes Bill 160
Young Worker Training
Confined Space Training
Fall Arrest Awareness Training
Grinding Wheel Safety Training 851, Sec. 29/30
Lifting Devices Regulation 851, Sec. 51 to 66
(CSA Std. – Z-150, B335 and ANSI B167)
Lockout/Tag Out Procedure
Machine Guarding Regulation 851, Sec. 24 to 44
Pre-Start Health and Safety Review Regulation 851 – Industrial Establishments. Sec. 7.
Storage of Compressed Gas Cylinders Regulation 851, Sec. 49
The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work Section 43 of OHSA Regulation
WHMIS-2015 (GHS)
Workplace Harassment & Violence Training Bill 168

Open Surface Miner Training

  • Complete training manual
  • Personal miner safety
  • Trench safety and water safety
Specific Training
Lockout / Tag Out Training
Power and Hand Tools Safety Training
Telehander Training
Hand Signal / Spotter Training
LPG, Diesel and Gasoline Safety Training
All Government Requirements Training
OHSA Requirements Training
OSHA (U.S.) Requirements Training

Skills and Operator Training

  • Work Instruction
  • Design and Facilitation
  • Procedure Development
  • Quality Consulting
Specific Training
Machine Shop Training
Lathes Safety Training
Grinding Wheel Safety Training
Overhead Crane Safety Training
Lockout / Tag Out Training
Hand and Power Tool Training
5 "S" Training
Blue Print Reading
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Gauge and Measuring Instrument Training
Parts and Component Layout Training
Machine Guarding Training
Vehicle Lift / Hoist Training

Warehouse Safety

  • Warehouse Racking Inspection
  • Warehouse Layouts
  • Fulfillment Procedures Development and Training
  • Fleet Service Consulting
Specific Training
Ladder Safety Training
Lift-Truck Driver Safety (Class I, II, III, IV & V)
Fire Safety Inspection Training
Lockout / Tagout Training
Machine Guarding Training
Propane Cylinder Handling Training
Slip Trip and Fall Hazard Training
Fall Arrest Awareness Training
SDS Consulting
Dangerous Goods Transportation Training
Power Compactor Training
Bailer Training

Working at Heights (WAH) Training – Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) Approved

Employers are required under the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Regulation (O. Reg. 297/13) to ensure that all workers on construction projects successfully complete a Working at Heights (WAH) training program if they may use specified methods of fall protection.

Our training program is based on the requirements that must be met by training programs submitted to the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) for approval.

Every worker attending the Working at Heights training program must complete the basic theory module and the practical module.

Basic Theory module contains the following:
a. Rights and responsibilities related to working at heights under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
b. General hazard recognition for working at heights
c. Hierarchy of controls
d. Safety procedures for warning methods and physical barriers
e. Safety procedures for ladders and similar equipment
f. An introduction to personal fall protection equipment
Practical module contains the following:
a. Barriers and safety nets
b. Personal fall protection equipment
c. Anchor points
d. Work positioning systems, work access and platforms
e. Rescue planning

Working at Heights Refresher Training– Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) Approved

The Working at Heights certificate is valid for three years from the date of successful completion of an approved program.

Industrial Training Service Inc. can provide the half-day “refresher” training program, delivered by a CPO approved training provider.

The half day course will go through the requirements of Working at Heights Practical module (section 9.2) in accordance with the criteria set out in this Standard. Successful completion of the refresher training will re-validate a learner’s working at heights training for another three year period from the date of successful completion of the refresher.

9.2 Working at Heights Practical Module:
- 9.2.1 Barriers and Other Fixed Equipment
- 9.2.2 Personal Fall Protection Equipment
- 9.2.3 Anchor Points
- 9.2.4 Work Access Equipment, and Platforms
- 9.2.5 Rescue Planning

Remember that the learners must have previously successfully completed both modules of an approved Working at Heights training program to be eligible for refresher training.

WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)

  • Consulting Services
  • How to Reduce Premiums
  • First Aid Facilitation
Specific Training
R1101 Standard Training
First Aid Procedures Training
Return to Work Program Training
Blood-Born Pathogens Training
OHSA Requirements Training
M.O.L. Requirements Training

Workplace Safety

  • Complete Consulting Services
  • Management Reviews
  • Action Plans
  • On-Going Safety Inspections
  • Work Well Audit (WSIB)
Specific Training
Confined Space Training
Join Health and Safety Committee Facilitation
WSIB Form 7 Facilitation
Return To Work Program Training
Hot Weather Procedure Training
Workplace Harassment & Violence Training
PPE Training
Slips, Trips and Fall Awareness Training
Housekeeping Training
Spill Control Training

All Training Courses Offered