WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) is responsible to provide safety information to employer and that all employers conform to the WSIB ACT in Ontario, as well as providing disability benefits, monitoring the health care of injured workers, and helps integrate them back to work once ready.

Training in the WHMIS & MSDS is not required every year OHSA requires min. every 3 years. However, some employers are required to conduct an annual review to determine whether worker re-training is required. 

Re-training may be required if new materials have been introduced into the workplace, or if workplace conditions have changed or new information on a hazardous material is available.

The review must be done in consultation with the joint health and safety committee, and/or with the health and safety representative. These reviews are designed to highlight the need for training at the appropriate time.

WSIB Stage I & II certification (Internal) involves two mandatory parts:

Stage I - Basic Certification for operators, supervisors and managers

Stage II - Workplace-Specific Hazard Training for operators

Course Objectives

  • Provide complete instruction for all levels - from operators to maintenance to management
  • Tailored training to meet the specific needs of your business process
  • Provide comprehensive understanding of legal requirements and associated penalties

Key Benefits

  • Helps empower employees to take ownership of safety procedures and policies
  • Engage employees in the safety process and increase compliance
  • Provides employees with confidence in understanding and working with WSIB processes

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