We'll provide your employees Confined Space Training.

Training Overview

  • Restricted Space and/or Confined Space”
  • Harness Types:
    • Group “A” - Fall Arrest
    • Group “D” - Controlled Descent
    • Group “E” - Confined Entry/Evacuation
  • The Law, Ontario Regulation 213/91 - Construction Projects

Confined Spaces is considered:

Storage tanks, tank cars, process vessels, boilers, pressure vessels, vats, bins, silos, bag-houses and other tank like compartments usually having only a manhole for entry

Open topped spaces such as pump wells, augured caissons, pits or degreasers

Pipes, sewers, ducts and similar structures

Cargo tanks, cellular double bottom tanks, duct keels, ballast and oil tanks, void spaces

Chutes, mill holes, ore bins, inside of a skip hanging in a shaft, crusher jaws

Flues, chimneys, ovens or furnaces.

Atmospheric Hazards

What is a flammable gas, flammable vapour, atmospheric contaminants

What are the hazards of oxygen deficiency or enrichment?

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