Contrary to common belief, some automotive technicians are generally not well trained in the use of a lift. All lifts are not the same. They have different features, controls, and operating systems. 

Technicians need to read the manual for the hoist they are using, and lift owners must make sure the information is readily available to them. It is the shop owner’s responsibility to ensure the technician is properly trained. 

The most common error that results in personal injury or property damage is the improper spotting of the vehicle on two-post above-ground hoists. It has to be done so the weight distribution is correct and the adapters are making stable contact with the vehicle lifting points.

ITS Training Package Includes

  • A Hands-on training sessions with each of your technicians on all hoist types in your shop.
  • The training focuses on equipment operation, safety, and maintenance.
  • Complete review of the “ITS Safety Manual”.
  • Safety Video.
  • Written test.

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