We'll train your employees how to properly operate a Bench Grinder while improving your workplace safety.

Training Overview

  • What should be avoided when using Bench Grinders
  • What safety procedures should be followed when using Bench Grinders?
  • Handle and store wheels in a careful manner. Observe the 3 basic rules of “no rolling, no dropping, and no contact with other objects”. Store wheels on a shelf or storage rack in a dry place.
  • Ring Testing of Grinding Wheel!
  • Be sure that the work rest is properly adjusted. The wheel should be no more than 3 mm away from the work rest and 3 – 10 mm away from the adjustment piece.
  • Do not change grinding wheels or perform test operation unless you have completed all necessary training.

Belt Grinder Safety

Be sure all fingers are clear of the belt, especially if you are not using them, tuck them towards the palms of your hand so there are clear of they belt. The edge of the belt when running is like a razor it will cut you!

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