Providing your company with comprehensive manuals adds structure, discipline and organization to your processes. Manuals are a standard requirement and will help ensure easy auditing of all processes.

Industrial Training Service will develop, write, produce your manuals and improve your current procedures. All Industrial Training Service manuals are written to ISO 9000, TS 16949, ISO 17025, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards.

The following is a list of manuals we can custom design for your company:
Dangerous Goods
Driver Handbook
Employee Handbook
Operator Instruction Manual
Policy Manual
Procedure Manual
Quality Laboratory Manual
Supervisor Training Manual
Supplier Profile
WHMIS Manual

Key Benefits

  • Standardizes total systems within one reference
  • Makes your business more professional and effective by defining employee roles and responsibilities
  • Eliminates unnecessary work
  • Streamlines systems and procedures for maximum efficiency
  • All ISO standards & Technical Papers
  • Meets Provincial and Federal regulations
  • Always on time