Industrial Training Service Inc. can help you maintain your registration.

It’s not enough to achieve a successful registration. Maintaining your registration on a day-to-day basis can be more difficult than achieving registration.

Industrial Training Service Inc. will help you maintain your Quality Management System registration. Regardless of your registration (ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 17025, ISO 18001, ISO14001, AS9100, or other) we can assist you.

Our advantage

We can provide monthly, bi-monthly and semi annual verification audits. With our maintenance services, we will help:

  • reduce interference of day-to-day operations while maintaining the standards;
  • prevent missed requirements;
  • improve standards;
  • have all requirements met and addressed;
  • provide key staff with refresher training to revive their knowledge of essential process and standard requirements;
  • train new staff to meet your standards;
  • provide a flexible schedule.

It’s the last piece of the puzzle, but an important piece in ensuring you keep your Quality Management System (QMS) registration.